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Key Features


Solid wood, metal base, silicone padding.


2.5in (H) x 6.96in (W) x Adjustable from 2.86 to 3.86 in (D)


Please read our General FAQs page to find out more.

Does the product come assembled?

Yes, the vertical laptop stand is fully assembled upon arrival. Adjust it to your laptop and you're all set.

Does it fit any type of MacBook?

Yes. Any MacBook and any laptop between 0.5"-1.5" thickness will perfectly fit our laptop stand.

Is my laptop safe from scratches?

Thanks to the inner felt material your laptop is 100% safe from scratches.

What if the laptop stand doesn't meet my expectations?

We offer a full, no-questions-asked, 1-year money-back policy and free returns, ensuring your complete satisfaction.